Coaching Success in Employees

Some employees lack the confidence it takes to achieve success. If you have an employee who isn’t feeling assured about their job, there are a specific steps you can take to help. Melissa Goltra, managing partner at FOCUS Training, shares three ideas on how to help your employees build confidence in their positions. 

1. Break down job responsibilities.
A great way to establish goals is to create a list of job responsibilities of the employee. Allow time for that individual to do a self-assessment, measuring his or her own competency for each responsibility. It’s important for you, as their manager, to do an assessment for them as well.

Take time for regular meetings to check on progress. During these meetings, discuss successes and opportunity areas. Looking back at the list will allow for a visual representation of the progress made over time. This way, your employees will understand what they need to do to exceed at their job.

2. Celebrate small wins.
If you see an employee doing something great, take the opportunity to congratulate that person, no matter how big or small the job was. Celebrating all successes will allow your employees to build confidence.

3. Allow the opportunity for input.
Many employees do not always feel comfortable sitting down with a manager to share their feelings. Take some time with an employee to ask how they’re feeling about their job – do they have the resources you need to succeed? Is there more you can do as their manager to help them achieve success?

If you follow these three steps, your employees are sure to become more confident and ultimately succeed in their jobs.