Negotiating a Compensation Package: Part 2

Matt Meuleners, Executive Partner at FOCUS Training, offers three more strategies for negotiating a compensation package in this second of two videos. Here's what he has to say: 
4. Be honest - with them and yourself. If you are really unhappy with an offer, don't commit. You will only be frustrated later. At the same time, don't push for more than you believe is right just to "win."

5. Ask for a little time (a day) to consider any offer. Unless it is already everything you need. 

6. Ask for clarity on any promises, particularly related to timing. If you are being told that some of your increased salary will come "later," what does that mean? You can prevent a lot of frustration by aligning expectations very clearly up front. 

Finally, remember that this is simply a conversation with your colleagues - hopefully featuring mutual respect. Keep it pleasant. Ask for things rather than demand. Focus on your desire to be here and make an impact. Have some fun with it.