Internal Branding

Create an alignment between your external and internal brand

Companies spend significant amounts of time defining their external brand. Todd Gehrmann, instructor at the Accelerate Institute, reminds us to place emphasis on our internal brand and what is happening inside our walls. 

With all the effort put into managing the way customers and potential customers see us, it can be easy to underemphasize what your own employees think about our own company. Todd shares his experience visiting Facebook and recalls the alignment of their internal and external brand. 

 How can you help retain your top talent through management of your internal brand?

  • Communicate a similar message internally to your employees and externally to customers. For example, ask your employees what they like about working at the company and share their stories with the public.

  • Consider cultural alignment. Do not place your creative employees in cubicles. Break down the walls for them. Give those who need it time and quiet spaces to reflect or collaborate. 

  • Invest in your brand ambassadors. Help them send the message that this is a great place to work.