Improving Employee Engagement: Keeping Employees Motivated and Productive in the Workplace

Keeping employees engaged is one of the most important aspects in fostering a productive work environment. Yet, only 32% of employees are actually engaged in the workplace*. Employee engagement is one of the top issues for employers, but what does this really look like?  

For many employers, it is easy to tell when their employees are engaged. Engaged employees are those who are fully involved in their work. They also care about the future success of the organization, and are willing to go above and beyond to for the greater good of the company. But what about those who are not as regularly motivated? Here are three tips to keep in mind when trying to increase employee engagement:

  • Show employees you value them by recognizing their achievements and contributions.
  • Encourage employees to bring ideas forward and provide responsive feedback.
  • Provide professional development opportunities for employees and their managers. 

One of the best practices FOCUS Training teaches managers and emerging leaders is to invest in employees in order to retain them. It is likely that employees will be motivated to work harder when their bosses show appreciation for their work. 

To learn more about keeping employees engaged, check out the Accelerate Institute by FOCUS Training. Our next Milwaukee Cohort begins in February.