Career Development: Mentors Hold The Key

Wouldn't it be nice if every emerging leader had access to sound advice, help with goal setting, and emotional support as they navigate their career? Mentors hold the key. Professionals who have a mentor experience improved satisfaction in the workplace and training environments as well as assistance in making important career choices. They advance more quickly and are better prepared for leadership roles. So how can a growing business leader get connected to a mentor?

One of the many topics covered at the Accelerate Institute in our Career Development module is building a professional network of mentors. Here are a few tips to share with emerging leaders in your organization:

 Find a Mentor

  • Carefully consider who in your network might make a good mentoring “fit”. To be successful, a mentor needs a compatible personality, the availability to work with you, and a valuable perspective on your career goals.
  • It can be intimidating to approach a potential mentor, particularly because it can feel like you are asking for a one-sided favor. Remember that mentors report significant benefits from these relationships such as increased loyalty and peer recognition. In fact, many mentors with whom we work tell us that they believe they grew and benefited more from the relationship than even their mentees did.
  • Research suggests that the most valuable situation is to be connected to a “constellation” of mentors. Consider reaching out to several potential mentors with a wide range of experience and strengths. This diversity of support reduces risk and multiplies potential benefits.

A strong mentor relationship can often be the difference between struggle or success as emerging leaders build their careers.

To learn more about this and other essential skills of business leadership, check out the Accelerate Institute by FOCUS Training.