Drive: Unlocking The Secrets Of Motivation

How do the strongest leaders among us get their teams to take action, push performance limits, or make big changes? Human motivation can often feel mysterious, but the drivers of our behavior are better understood by science than many think. Equipped with the most current thinking on motivation, emerging leaders drive productivity and lead change in organizations.

One of the many topics we cover in our Building Strong Teams modules is human motivation. Here are a few key concepts from the Accelerate Motivation unit:


  • Self-efficacy is confidence in your ability to complete a specific task successfully.
  • Low self-efficacy lowers motivation and persistence. High self-efficacy drives higher performance and willingness to push through obstacles.
  • Leaders can build self-efficacy in others though social modeling (“If she can do it, so can you”), mastery experiences (“You did that other thing, you can do this”), and psychological persuasion (“I believe that you can do it”)

Self-efficacy is one element of Social Learning Theory that emerging leaders can put to work as they motivate team members to increase productivity and make important changes.

To learn more about this and other keys to motivating teams, check out the Accelerate Institute by FOCUS Training.