Making Performance Reviews Less Painful...and More Productive

Getting your leaders to complete performance reviews can feel a bit like getting a teenager to clean their room. It takes hours of asking, cajoling, and vague threats – and when they finally give in, they complete the chore with the minimum effort required to be “complete.”

Performance reviews handled improperly can be more than uncomfortable, they can be counterproductive! A 2013 Globoforce survey revealed that employees who see the performance review process as inaccurate are twice as likely to be looking for other jobs. So, as a leader in your organization how can you ensure that reviews are happening…and happening the right way?

One of the best practices FOCUS Training teaches managers and emerging leaders is to build a framework for reviews that is driven by metrics. To measure performance well, help employees see the value and accuracy of your feedback. There are two types of metric to consider and communicate:

Lag metrics – measurable objectives you wish to achieve - the end result. Sales revenue targets, customer service scores, production line output are all good examples.

Lead metrics – measurable actions required to get to the end result. For example, to help an employee hit sales revenue targets, you may wish to track weekly call targets.

For some positions these metrics are easy to identify (e.g., sales representatives), but others are not so simple. Investing the time to clearly define the metrics that matter will help make performance reviews go more smoothly and achieve the desired results.

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