Personal Branding

Tell Me A Story - Positioning Your Personal Brand
When it’s time to hire, fill a leadership position, or make a purchase from someone, we don’t tend to choose the mysterious stranger. Our risk-averse brains tell us to lean towards the familiar, a person to whom we can relate. We want to understand what we are getting, know their story and what to expect – a personal brand offers a shortcut for these choices.

Image, reputation, brand…whatever you choose to call it, the impression that others in your professional sphere have of you can be a key driver of how they respond to you. But a powerful brand is more than a list of features. It tells a story.

One of the many topics FOCUS Training covers in our Personal Branding module is the art of crafting your story.

Here are a few tips you can share with leaders in your organization:

Crafting your brand story

  • Reflect for value: Think back about each of your significant professional experiences. Where did you start your professional journey? Because of each of the roles that came after, what can you do? What do you know? What have you seen?
  • Differentiate yourself: What sets you apart from the rest of those who are pursuing the same goals? It doesn’t have to be unique to the world, just unique to the competitive space.
  • Transition with intention: Be prepared to discuss the space between experiences. What led you from one job to the next? Why did you make this career move at this time?
  • Project forward momentum: Your story doesn’t end today. Describe where you are headed next from a professional growth perspective. What are you hoping to learn or achieve?

These and other best practices can help you build a professional brand story that is both engaging and authentic.

To learn more about this and other essential skills of business leadership, check out the Accelerate Institute by FOCUS Training. Our next Milwaukee class begins October 2015.