Professional development for high potentials focused on growth.

"I want to position myself for a management role." 

"I just got promoted. What now?"

"I want to get connected to other emerging leaders in the community."

Earn your leadership certification through FOCUS Training's Accelerate Institute.  This course is ideal for high-potentials to advance their career into management. Participants build a strong network of professionals in the regional business community and develop strong leadership skills.

  • Fast-paced curriculum designed by leadership experts

  • Engaging monthly live training sessions

  • Opportunity to apply new skills in a community of practice

  • Performance coaching with a small team of peers

Trusted by industry leaders to deliver real growth.


Companies like Harley-Davidson, Johnson Controls, and Uline know that a strong leadership pipeline is an essential competitive advantage. They are among dozens of successful organizations that trust their top talent to FOCUS Training

Our curriculum, formerly available one to organizations with resources to build an in-house class, is now accessible to every rising leader through the Accelerate Institute.


Robust skill development for busy professionals.


High potentials want more than the limited content offered in a one-day seminar, but many don't have the time to spare for an 18-week university certificate program ...much less a graduate degree. 

The Accelerate Institute offers the best of both worlds. Robust skills certification in a six month time frame that fits the schedules of rising talent.